Like all outbreaks, this will end, but we need to do our part to mitigate the exponential spread of this disease. It’s important that we all work to together to keep our communities safe.

Alert: Kentucky will delay its primary election to June 23 from May 19 due to COVID-19. Register to vote here.


The Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) is responding actively to the COVID-19 situation. The State Health Operations Center is operating at Level 1, its highest activation level. This respiratory disease was first detected in a Kentucky resident on March 6, 2020.

The COVID-19 hotline (1-800-722-5725) is a service operated by the healthcare professionals at the KY Poison Control Center who can provide advice and answer questions. Please be patient as they are handling a high volume of calls and want to give everyone the time they deserve. For general information, please review the Kentucky State Government’s website prior to calling the hotline. Guidance is being added as it becomes available. 

When to Seek Care

If you have developed a fever or respiratory symptoms and believe you have had exposure to a known case or traveled to an area with community spread, isolate yourself from others in your home and contact your healthcare provider or local health department to describe your symptoms and any recent travel before you go to the healthcare facility.

Mental Health and Relieving Anxiety

Uncertainty leads to anxiety. Follow these tips to maintain your mental health and reduce anxiety. Please seek professional help if needed. For more information, visit the CDC guidance for managing anxiety and stress.

Community Guidance


Source: The New York Times

Social distancing is key to keeping Kentuckians safe. It is essential we follow these social distancing guidelines:

  • It is advised that all community gatherings be cancelled
  • The governor called for all 172 school districts, the Kentucky School for the Blind and Kentucky School for the Deaf to close
  • Avoid all non-essential travel. Do not fly. Do not participate in cruise travel.
  • Recommend the temporary closure of senior centers to help halt the spread of the virus for those most vulnerable
  • All state prisons are closed to visitors
  • Recommend businesses to utilize telecommuting and allow employees to work from home if possible
  • State boards and commissions have canceled any scheduled in-person meetings and instead will use video teleconference technology
  • Hospitals are asked to cease elective procedures

This guidance will continue to change as circumstances warrant.

Our Stance on Covid-19 Response

Our world is changing dramatically all around us. The coronavirus pandemic has upended business, travel and everyday life for all of us. And it goes without saying that it’s changed how we’re running this campaign for the time being.

The Senate must act now to flatten the curve — to ensure our health care facilities are not overwhelmed with patients — before it’s too late. National leadership should be focused on making sure as many Americans as possible can stay at home as much as possible, per public health experts’ recommendations.

We need:

  1. Free coronavirus testing for all Americans 
  2. Paid sick leave for workers 
  3. More funding for food assistance
  4. Immediate financial support for small businesses
  5. Suspension of student loan, mortgage, and other such loan payments for at least two months
  6. And to waive the waiting period and expand who qualifies for unemployment benefits

… and we need it now. Every day that passes without these protections in place, we fall behind in our ability to save lives.

These are challenging times, and to all the hardworking nurses, doctors, EMTs, health care professionals and first responders, and to everyone who understands what it’s like to be on duty when your nation and your community calls: thank you.

Stay safe out there team, and let’s do all we can to keep our neighbors and communities safe. We’re all in this together, even if we can’t be together.

Bold Measures

At a time like this, bold measures are called for. During this public health crisis, anyone who gets sick should be able to take time off without financial injury, and anyone whose kids are either sick or sent home from school without child care should get help, too. We can debate more permanent solutions later.

Some economists, including Republicans, have advocated cutting checks to low-income and working-class families in areas afflicted by the coronavirus, whether the individuals themselves are sick or not. That idea deserves serious consideration. Think of it as a tax rebate for unusual times.

How You Can Help

Commonwealth, Common Health

Our Commonwealth, Common Health initiative aims to help our communities during this difficult time by helping at-risk Kentuckians safely access food and household supplies and by supporting local food banks.

Volunteer to Help Neighbors in Need

The Commonwealth, Common Health online portal matches healthy Kentuckians looking for a way to serve with vulnerable people in our communities who need help accessing household necessities.

Anyone who is over 18, has a valid driver’s license and meets other background requirements can sign up to match with community members who are over 55, immunocompromised, or living with someone who is immunocompromised, to help them acquire food and other necessities. Get more information or volunteer for the program here.

Donate to the Food Bank Relief Fund

The Commonwealth, Common Health Food Bank Relief Fund supports food banks across the state, many of which are struggling to meet increased needs while facing volunteer shortages due to social distancing requirements. Many food banks are no longer able to accept food donations from the community due to health concerns, so financial donations are crucial right now.

The fund is operated by the Blue Grass Community Foundation, which manages over 700 funds for charitable giving. All donations made to this fund will go toward this initiative. Donate to the fund here.

Running for Kentucky with #TeamKentucky

Join Amy and her team in running the KY Shines #TeamKentucky Virtual Half Marathon to raise money for God’s Pantry Food Bank and the Team Kentucky Fund. The KY Shines #TeamKentucky Virtual Half Marathon allows participants to digitally log their runs, jogs, walks or hikes until they reach 13.1 miles. Sign up to join our team, Amy’s Running for Kentucky, here.

On Duty with Amy McGrath

In her podcast, On Duty with Amy McGrath, Amy talks with Kentuckians about the biggest issues facing the commonwealth right now, including COVID-19, and how we can tackle them together. The episodes explore issues like leadership and community service during the COVID-19 pandemic; the skyrocketing price of prescription drugs and the impact of COVID-19 on families’ health care; and the need to support and fund programs for victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and stalking. They include information on how you can help in your community. Check out the podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform.