Statement by U.S. Senate Candidate Amy McGrath on Whistleblower Complaint

Sep 27, 2019

Terry Sebastian
[email protected]
Cell: 502.751.0080

LEXINGTON, Ky. — “The whistleblower’s detailed allegations that President Trump used his official office to pressure a foreign government to investigate a political opponent are serious and unprecedented. The president’s actions appear to have been done solely to serve his own narrow personal political interests, rather than the interests of the American people and our national security.

As a commissioned military officer, I took an oath to defend our Constitution six times and served administrations of both political parties to uphold and advance our national interests. This is about our national security. Failing to fully investigate these allegations will leave our nation more vulnerable to threats from foreign governments that think they can target U.S. citizens, and corrupt our democracy, in order to gain favorable foreign policy action from our president.

Americans deserve to know all of the facts underlying these allegations, and I fully support the House inquiry to do so. Sen. McConnell must do his job and put honor, principle, and the moral authority of our nation above partisan politics and demand that the administration release all of the information related to the whistleblower complaint immediately. Congress must be able to fulfill its constitutional role as a co-equal branch of our government and hold this president accountable while signaling to the world that our foreign policy and national security are not for sale.” – Retired U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Amy McGrath.